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Questions concerning criminal justice corruption are welcomed. As a result, corruption within federal and state agencies can be exposed. Otherwise, it will continue.

In addition, you can make comments or make a post on our Federal Corruption blog about an incident you encountered with federal or state officials, the link is below.

Click www.federalcorruption.com to read our blog.

Many of you have experienced corruption within our federal and state judicial and service agencies. Furthermore, there are stories about the U.S. Treasury Department and Social Security Administration involving improper contracts, kickbacks, and waste. Consequently, they ignore the public when they feel they will be exposed.

Contact us as you think of writing a book about corruption you have experienced, or want to write about your dog. Afterward, we can help you get your story into print. Also, we can help you publish your book.

We can take you through the initial stages of coordinating your story to creating book covers and e-books. Eventually, you will be ready to publish.

Issues such as copyrights, ISBN, barcodes, and creating e-books, are can be done by YOU. We help all who think they have a story. Furthermore, everyone writes a first book; your turn might be now.

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